CPSC 683 Infovis Project

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is a $40 million research facility, designed to provide flexible learning spaces for exploration of innovative teaching and learning practices. As co-chair of the committee that selects courses that will be hosted in the TI, and manager of the team that supports the technologies, I have 3 fundamental questions:


  1. Are all faculties teaching courses in the TI?
  2. Are there differences in faculty use over time?
  3. Are all of the learning spaces being well used for courses?

It should be noted that the data used for these visualizations includes only for-credit courses offered by faculties. Professional development activities (workshops, orientations, HR activities, faculty planning and outreach, etc.) are not included, as well as "after-hours" events hosted in the Taylor Institute by the Universities Conference and Events Management department.

Videos of the project: